Office & Commercial Cleaning in Docklands

A clean workplace is more than just a happier workplace; it’s also a healthier and therefore more productive workplace. But finding a specialist in office cleaning in Docklands, one who can provide the comprehensive cleaning services that you want and expect, isn’t always easy. This is why DJB Commercial Cleaning is constantly in such high demand – especially in a business and commercial hub like Docklands. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services to ensure your Docklands workplace remains cleaner for longer, meaning your employees stay healthier and happier too.

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Quality Cleaning Services for an Optimal Working Environment

For the last five years, the experienced cleaners of DJB Commercial Cleaning have provided Docklands businesses with a superior standard of cleaning service that aims to keep your employees happier, healthier and more productive. Read more about each of our services below to find out how we can help you with all your business cleaning needs:

Carpet Cleaning

You might think a quick once-over with the vacuum is enough to rid your carpets of any germs or bacteria, but the fact is that will only remove the surface particles. As part of our office cleaning in Docklands, we provide a comprehensive carpet cleaning service where our experienced cleaners thoroughly remove any bacteria, dust or dirt embedded deep within the carpet fibers for a cleaner, fresher workplace.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning for Docklands business can take numerous different forms; it can be a one-off clean at the end of a commercial lease period, or it could be a contract cleaning arrangement where we come in three times a week after business hours to help maintain a clean workplace. No matter what kind of commercial cleaning service you require from us, we’ll ensure our work is completed outside your standard business hours to ensure your day-to-day operations aren’t disrupted.

Window Cleaning

As a business and residential area, Docklands is still relatively young compared to other areas of Melbourne, with contemporary architecture that focuses heavily on windows and glass surfaces that require constant cleaning to maintain their clarity and visual appeal. DJB Commercial Cleaning provides high-quality window cleaning services for corporate buildings in the Docklands area. Fully insured, we can work from any height to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Floor Polishing

You might have the cleanest windows and the most hygienic bathroom amongst all the corporate workplaces, but if your non-carpeted floors look scuffed and scratched, they can detract from everything that looks good in your office. As part of our office cleaning in Docklands, we provide floor polishing services that are ideal for timber floorboards, concrete and tiles. We’ll provide your flooring with the kind of shine that significantly elevates the visual appeal of your workplace.

Organize a Quote Today

No matter what type of cleaning service you require from DJB Commercial Cleaning, you can rest assured that it will be completed to your 100% satisfaction. If you’d like to arrange a free, no-obligation quote for commercial cleaning in Docklands, call us on 0424 217 336 or email