Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne – How to Separate the Best from the Rest

Apr 12, 2017

It’s never easy when shopping around for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. With so many different companies offering this service or that service, how do you go about separating the best from the rest? Here are some important points to consider when choosing commercial cleaners for your business so you can feel confident that you’ve got the very best.

Check for References

Don’t ever feel uncomfortable or awkward about asking commercial cleaning services in Melbourne for verifiable references from legitimate previous clients. Not only do you want to hear firsthand about the quality of their work, but you also want to know that you can trust the company – particularly if they’re going to be given a set of keys to let themselves in after business hours.

Level of Experience

Find out how long the company has been in existence. If it has been a while, you can feel confident in their abilities to get the job done. If it’s a fairly new company, find out how much experience the cleaners themselves have had. They may have worked for the last five years for another company and decided to start their own. Of course, the level of experience only tells half the story; someone with minimal experience but is looking to prove themselves might do a better job than another commercial cleaning professional in Melbourne who has years of experience but has gotten complacent over time.

Response Time in Moments of Emergency

If you get a burst water pipe or overflowing toilet in your workplace, you want commercial cleaning services that can be at your premises as soon as possible. Anyone offering commercial cleaning in Melbourne that treats an emergency job as something that can be seen to in 24 to 48 hours is probably best left on the ‘no’ pile.

With these points in mind, there is of course trusting your own instinct – and that can often be the most influential deciding factor. If you’d like to talk to an experienced provider of commercial cleaning in Melbourne, speak to the team at DJB Commercial Cleaning today.