Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Carpets are some of the most popular floor covering materials. They provide a warm, comfortable, and soft surface, and come in a wide range of style options. While carpets are more popular in residential properties, they’re also used in commercial spaces. They’re especially common in luxury establishments or private offices.

While carpets are a popular flooring choice, they’re not very easy to maintain. These floor coverings can stain, collect debris, and become soiled over time. If you want to maintain the appearance of your carpet, it is wise to hire professional carpet cleaning services. At DJB Commercial Cleaning, we offer expert solutions for all kinds of carpets.


What’s Included in Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne?

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We provide customized carpet cleaning solutions to all our clients. Our team first carefully inspects the material to determine how much cleaning it needs before offering a plan with a detailed quote. Here’s a look at what’s included in our carpet cleaning services:

  • Removing Obstacles –

    Our first step is to clear the area as much as possible. We remove all movable furniture pieces to give cleaners some room. Heavy furniture pieces or other such objects are left in place. We use proven techniques to clean around them.

  • First Vacuuming –

    After the area is cleared, we do a thorough pre-vacuum. This removes all loose debris from the carpet fibers, making sure there’s nothing to sink into the carpet material later.

  • Pre-Spray –

    A pre-spray solution is designed to prepare a carpet for further cleaning. It breaks down more stubborn debris like trapped oils, mud, caked layers of debris, etc. The spray softens these stubborn components enough for us to remove them.

  • Spot Treatment –

    Once the spray has settled in, we turn our attention to stubborn stains. Our team uses tried and tested solutions to address coffee, wine, juice, oil, cosmetics, blood, and other stains. We use gentle treatments that don’t harm your carpet.

  • Steam Cleaning and Extraction –

    After we have removed the stains, our team uses steam cleaners to saturate the carpet. Steam doesn’t just remove the most stubborn dirt but also kills harmful microbes. We then use powerful pumps to rinse and extract all of the dirty water from the carpet. This process pulls everything from debris to cleaning agents, leaving behind a pristine carpet.  

  • Finishing Process –

    We then deodorize and neutralize the carpet to ensure it looks as good as new. It won’t have any lingering chemical smells and will be ready for use after it is dry.

Professional cleaning eliminates all problems like stains, lingering pests hidden in carpet fibers, allergens like pet dander and dead skin cells, etc. We’re a fully licensed and insured company that you can trust with this job. Our team will make sure your carpet looks and feels wonderful after the clean.

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Why Choose Us?

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

At DJB Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing the very best commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne CBD. Our specialists can restore and prolong the life of your carpets, eliminating the need for more costly replacements. From shops and offices to hotels and restaurants, we offer professional carpet cleaning services that are suitable for a wide range of businesses.

We use the latest cleaning methods and equipment to deliver superior results. Whether you want steam cleaning for a longer-lasting clean or dry cleaning for situations where time is a restriction, our fully qualified and fully insured cleaning specialists can help you cultivate an environment that’s suitable for employees, customers, and clients alike.

Additionally, our commercial carpet cleaning services are affordable without compromising on quality. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we aim to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner while minimizing unnecessary disruptions.

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